Mobile ActiveSync for Exchange

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MessageStats helps you to maximize the performance and availability of your mobile infrastructure. Track voice calls, data and IM usage and trends to keep your environment running smoothly and to proactively control costs. Reports include:

Server traffic reports provide an overview of the email traffic handled by each server and the amount of time taken to synchronize email between a user’s mailbox and their device. Measures SLA’s and proactively ensure servers are not running over capacity.

User reports help you see the amount of email and attachments sent and received by users and compare the email activity on the Mobile ActiveSync for Exchange device with the total email activity on all clients. Better understand mobile device usage and determine who is most likely to be effected by events that impact the users’ ability to access information.

Device reports depict the growth in the number of Mobile ActiveSync for Exchange devices and inactive devices. Use server traffic reports to compare server activity to the rate of device growth and determine when systems are at capacity.